Crema, a marvelous coffee brewtique

Aside from Dose, Crema is my next favorite coffeehouse in Nashville. The owner-operated shop is known as a “coffee brewtique.” Once a diesel engine repair shop, Crema opened its doors in 2008. I love the decor of the shop. They used sustainable products to decorate the interior.

Crema only sells the beans they roast. The shop’s co-owner writes, “We source, roast and sell only our beans. And we only sell single origins.” Crema’s saying is to “do one thing and do it well.” And that’s exactly what they do. The baristas are continuously trained to ensure each cup is brewed to perfection. The brew by the cup at Crema is my personal favorite. I recently tried the AB Karinga, you can taste each flavor in the coffee in each sip.

I order the majority of my beans for French Press and Chemex brewing directly from their website, Shop Here. The shop has an ever-changing menu of roasted beans from some of the best farms around the world. The quality never fails and is guaranteed to be a delectable cup of coffee.


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