Don’t give us poison when we’re already suffering.

Have you seen the article posted on the New York Times website about how most job openings are “low-end ones?” (NYTimes) Or what about the one in the Tennessean about Food Lion closing 6 stores? (The Tennessean) Don’t forget about Macy’s closing a few stores lately too. And Yahoo released the statistic that recent college graduates are earning far less salary-wise than if they would have graduated only a few years ago. (Yahoo)

If all we hear is bad news, then we think all that exists is bad news.

A perfect example is the difference in the 10 o’clock newscast in Memphis verses Nashville. When I first moved to the Nashville area, I was surprised by the news. My first thought after watching was, “Wow, no one was murdered today!” The news reported on charity events that raised money for new ventures, new companies opening up in the area, new restaurants, and how a new convention coming to Nashville will aid in local business income. Of course there is an occasional story of a stabbing or a shooting, but these stories are few and far between. Or maybe they simply opt out to report on the bad news. Whereas, whenever I’m fortunate enough to watch the Memphis newscast, the only news I hear is about how many shootings, murders, and stabbings happened that day. A business that’s going out-of-business. A story about a robbery. (At least the Tigers won the basketball game, right?) People choose the stories they want to write and talk about. If you tell someone happy news, they will feel happier. And vice versa.

If CNN reports on job loss, then people start to think about job loss. Especially if you are unemployed, how is this motivating to find a new job? To learn a new trade? What if CNN told you about new companies opening, about new in-demand fields and how to obtain training? Why is mass media feeding the masses with poisonous news when we’re already suffering? It’s like leading a pyromaniac to where dynamite is stored. The job hunting road is long and if all we encounter are stories about how tough it is; then the road begins to seem endless.

Don’t let stories deter you. That’s all they are anyway, just stories that someone chose to publish. Choose your own stories. Infiltrate your life with the good news.


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