A place to level out

10 Things Helping Me To Be Me

1 Persistence: It has never failed and will always pay off. Paitence and persistence.

2 Inspiration: Through anything I hear, see, and read throughout the day.

3 Change: It’s invigorating and exciting. Life was not made to be permanent and routine.

4 Remembering that life is short and to overall, just have fun and laugh. 

5 Investment in myself: Being conscious of everything I eat, what I put on my skin, and maintaining physical and mental health.

6 Empathy: I’m trying to understand more instead of judge more.

7 Avoiding comparisons: My life is incomparable to any one else in the world and vice versa. – I think too many people try to compare their life to others (thanks social media!). We forget to be grateful of our own accomplishments. 

8 Not worrying about money: We are not rich (in monetary terms) by any means. But we are happy, healthy, and comfortable. I believe it’s safe to say we all worry far too much about money. It doesn’t equal happiness. 

9 Being Nice: Simply put, I remind myself to always be nice and more giving. I read a quote recently that resonated with me so much. I cannot find the exact one now, but it was something along the lines of this one, “If you continually give, then you will continually have.”

10 Making an Effort: With family, friends, aspirations. No one ever got anywhere sitting on the couch all day. This one’s my biggest work in progress though. I’m continually trying to be more proactive when it comes to extending myself socially.


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