An Istrian Dreamland: Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj, Croatia is situated on the north side of the Adriatic Sea. We live about three hours from this beautiful city and could not miss a chance to explore it. Northern Croatia, or Istria, is the largest peninsula on the Adriatic Sea. Before it was Yugoslavia, Istria was ruled by Italy and still has a huge Venetian influence. Along with a deep history, this place has some of the most beautiful beaches and sunsets.

We arrived by car to a port beside the city center. Our hotel, Island Hotel Istra, was located on a small island about a fifteen minute boat ride from the port where we parked our car for the long weekend.


The view on the boat coming back to the city center was one of my favorites. Below is a photo from the journey. Rovinj is perfectly situated right on the water on the top of a small hill. The ferry ran about every hour all day so going to explore the city or having dinner in town was not an issue. Rovinj is a fairly small town and easily walkable.


During the day we enjoyed breakfast at our hotel and relaxed by the beach. The hotel was a traffic free oasis. It was situated on it’s own island with plenty of beach spots or secluded areas to choose from.


The below photo is the main beach we relaxed on. Most of the beaches in the northern part of Croatia are pebbly or rocky beaches. A pair of water shoes is a must! But the water is the clearest blue water I have ever seen. It also helps to hire beach chairs from your hotel or bring a yoga-type mat to make your beach day more comfortable. Nude beaches are also popular in Croatia; always something to consider if you’re not akin to these types of beaches. Of course you don’t have to participate, but be prepared to see many naked bodies on these beaches.

IMG_7289 The below is a view from the port area (where our car was parked) looking on to the city center.


The best dinner we had (also maybe the best we have had in Europe!) was at a restaurant called La Puntalina. We arrived early for our reservation and enjoyed a glass of wine on large rocks situated with cushions as we watched the sunset.


We had a delicious dinner with the standout food being sea bass served with a truffle sauce. The view, the food, and hearing the waves crash along the rocks was truly bliss.


I couldn’t help but to try and capture all of the breathtaking views from Rovinj.


The beaches of northern Croatia were definitely not what we were used to, but it was a welcoming and excellent change!




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