Quiet Spanish Island of Menorca

When trying to choose which Spanish island to visit, I knew I wanted somewhere quiet, versus the party-known atmosphere of Ibiza. Menorca is the second largest Balearic Island of Spain and the beaches of this island outnumber those of Mallorca and Ibiza combined, which made it the perfect pick for a peaceful beach break. The island is also designated by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

There are two major cities in Menorca, Mahon (the capital) and Ciutadella. After some research, we picked an apartment in Ciutadella for a long weekend of exploring the island. One mistake we made was not renting a car. If you ever plan on travelling to this small island a car or scooter is a must. There is a bus line that runs from the main towns to select beaches. But to explore the more remote beaches, you’ll need your own transportation.

The view from our apartment.

To venture to the beaches, we walked to bus stops in the city center. Different bus lines took us to a new beach everyday. We spent our days relaxing on the beach before catching the last bus back to the city. I managed to loose a bunch of photos from this trip… so I don’t have any from the actual beaches. This site came in handy when picking out the beaches we wanted to go to and will give you an idea of how they look, Menorca Beaches.

The walkway from our apartment to the center of the city where most of the restaurants reside.

After a day in the sun, we walked to the town center each evening. The center of town filled with people in the evenings. The city seemed like it came alive at night. The town was fairly small with plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. Before dinner, we found a local gin bar that served, what we thought, were the best gin and tonics we have ever tasted. Menorca, and Spain in general, is known for their gin so we couldn’t miss a chance to try it. A local market was set up each night selling handmade jewelry, clothing, and home decor.

The marina in Ciutadella. 

My favorite sight was the Flamenco dancer who placed his stage on the sidewalk then began his show. Watching the Flamenco dancer and listening to the music truly was an authentic Spanish experience!



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