Three Days in Dublin

I’ve never been to Seattle, but Dublin’s weather immediately reminded me of this grungy, dreary city when we arrived. It was October when we visited, and the weather was in full Autumn mode. It rained/misted almost everyday and there was always a gloom over the city. We found a room at the Grafton Guesthouse and the location could not have been better. The city is extremely walk-able and after some exploring, I thought it was quite small and easy to get around without using a taxi or city bus. A long weekend was the perfect amount of time to get a taste of Dublin.


After settling in to our hotel, we set out to explore the city. The first area we wandered through was Temple Bar. There is an actual Temple Bar, but the name also refers to an area of the city. Temple Bar area is located by the River Liffey in the center of town. It is known for its cobblestone streets, lively pubs, and artsy scene. The Temple Bar area is probably the most touristy part of town due to its lively nightlife.


Next stop on our trip was the Guinness Storehouse. Dublin is the home of Guinness beer and you’ll never forget it while in the city – Guinness is everywhere in this town. We walked to the famous brewery for a tour and to learn the tale of Ireland’s famed beer.


This was by far the flashiest brewery tour I’ve ever seen. The Storehouse consists of seven floors, all incorporated in parts of the tour. The first floor features a gift shop and starting point. As we ascended the levels, each offered more information about the brewing process, history, and interactive exhibits.


We also learned how to pour “the perfect pint.” And even received an official certificate after completion!


The tour saved the best for last by placing the tasting room on the seventh floor with a 360 degree view of the city of Dublin. The whole tour took a couple hours including time to relax at the top and enjoy a Guinness.


The next day we set out to visit Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest university, set in the heart of Dublin. The school houses the largest library in Ireland featuring the famous Long Room and the Book of Kells. (And where parts of Harry Potter were filmed!)


With Jameson being the most popular whiskey distillery in Dublin (and our personal whiskey preference), we wanted to check out something different. We decided to visit the Teeling Distillery, which is the first new whiskey distillery in Dublin since 1976.


Afterwards, we wandered through the city passing the Dublin Castle and some admirable public art.


Our last stop in Dublin before heading home was the legendary pub, The Brazen Head. The Brazen Head is known as Ireland’s oldest pub. The establishment has an extensive food menu too making it a great spot for dinner. We ordered typical Irish fare and two local lagers while reminiscing about the long weekend.


Three days is the perfect amount of time to traverse this diverse city. There’s much more to Dublin than listed here and I’m sure we’ll be back one day to see even more of Ireland.

Grafton Street – Main Shopping Area in Dublin

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